Basement Road Show Podcast — Episode 2: A Dick and Babs Fan



We’re back in the saddle again after being locked down by the corporate world’s shackles — Episode Two of the Basement Road Show podcast is live!

In this edition, we welcome our first ever special guest: movie buff and dad joke extraordinaire Danno Waddell is in the booth with both Tim Smith and Grant Patterson, discussing a myriad of topics relevant to any grown-ass nerd.

Is Amazon Key a good idea, or is it something that will inspire a new wave of break-ins? Does DC have a crisis of cinematic conscience on their hands, and can they learn much-needed lessons from their animated film department? Will The Last Jedi satisfy that longing for a darker take on the Star Wars mythos, or will it repeat The Force Awakens‘ retreading?

All of these questions and more will be answered — or at least discussed — in this episode of the Basement Road Show podcast!

Leave us a comment here or on the video link itself, ask us anything and we’ll answer it on the next episode!


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