Basement Road Show Podcast – Episode 1 – Manifesto

Basement Road Show

So…it’s finally happened. Tim Smith and Grant Patterson have completed the first (?) episode of the Basement Road Show Podcast, and it’s a doozy.

In this episode, Grant explains the goal and purpose of the site and its crew, Tim explains why his computer buying experience was like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Grant is training his ass off to be ready to play Gundam Versus at CEOtaku 2017, and Tim is downright geeking out over Destiny 2‘s new direction. Florida State’s crushing defeat at the hands of Alabama left the guys in a state of disarray, but it wasn’t anything that smoked hoisin buffalo wings wouldn’t fix. Tim saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 multiple times, whereas Grant couldn’t make it through half an hour of it, but everyone can agree that the crew in Alien: Covenant was simply too dumb to live. The guys also skirt Star Wars: Episode VIII discussion, but wisely decide to save that for a later date. There may or may not be on outtake buried smack in the middle of the episode, too. It’s not like it’s hard to miss.

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@LordSmitteous (Tim Smith)
@grantpatters0n (Grant Patterson)

If you have ideas for the next episode, or want to be on as a guest, hit us on Twitter or email us at We’re going to be expanding podcast operations in a very extreme way, so get ready to hear from us — and others — about a wide variety of subjects, as well as on-location recording from major events and functions. This first episode is only the beginning of a much greater project, so stay tuned to Basement Road Show for updates, because when we go, we go big.


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