Basement Road Show’s Spoiler-Free Blade Runner 2049 Review is live

Blade Runner 2049 Poster

With Blade Runner 2049, the story that introduced audiences to replicants and Voight-Kamppf tests finally gets a sequel. It has been over 35 years since the original Blade Runner opened in theaters in 1982. Then, a few different versions were released with Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007) being the true version of the film according to director Ridley Scott. Over the years, the film became a science fiction and film classic.

Now, Blade Runner 2049 gives the audience a new mystery to solve. Set 30 years after Blade Runner, the film finds a way to add more depth to the world we discovered in the original. The film tells a new story with new characters, locations, and technology while keeping the pacing of the original. There are still replicants and blade runners, but the film is about so much more than that. Much like the original, the film takes the audience on a philosophical journey about life and humanity.

Chad Ivory and I experienced the film on opening night and recorded our first reactions to the film, while avoiding any potential spoilers. We discussed the look and feel of the film, the use of color, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the acting, and the effects before providing our final thoughts. Plus, discover who thinks Ana de Armas is incredibly attractive, and the best way (or worst way) to end a Blade Runner video. It’s all here in our spoiler-free Blade Runner 2049 review.

To see Blade Runner 2049, I used my newly acquired MoviePass card. You can learn more about the service in the MoviePass review that I recently wrote. And if you like going to the movies as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this service.

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