Basement Road Show is going to CEOtaku 2017!


This weekend, Grant Patterson and Tim Smith are headed to Orlando, Florida, where they will bear witness to the largest conglomeration of weaponized weebdom on the planet: CEOtaku 2017!

What exactly is CEOtaku? Well, it’s a fighting game tournament held in Central Florida, and it’s the brainchild of Alex Jebailey, the CEO of CEO (Community Effort Orlando), which bears the distinction of being the second-largest fighting game tournament on the planet. But the main difference here is that this event is based around a certain subsect of the fighting genre known as “anime fighters.” This isn’t the place to see major matches in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, this is where games like Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazBlue, Skullgirls and other crazy-technical, hyperactive fighting games have their time to shine.

Grant and Tim will be on location at the event this weekend, meeting, greeting and talking a whole lot of shit to people. So, if you see them, be sure to say hi! Grant will also be competing in the two-versus-two team tournament for Gundam Versus on Saturday, and while he doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur about his chances of winning (never mind reaching) the Grand Finals, he’s coming armed with plenty of heart and a desire to get more than just a few hits in. Tim will be the hype man and documentarian, so if you see him holding a camera, just act natural.

Will Grant’s video series help newer players, such as his randomly-assigned teammate? Will Tim finally achieve a deeper understanding of people that love Asian animated works? How many times will the word “desu” be uttered in the middle of casual, American English conversation?

Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter @BasementRoadSho — you never know what we’re going to show you! Hope to see you there!




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