Millennials are killing Dark Souls comparisons


    Nothing like a little clickbait to open the shop.

    Welcome to Basement Road Show. We are building a religion, we are building it bigger, we are widening the corridors and adding more lanes. Mostly, we’re building a platform that celebrates the things we love most: video games, movies, music, TV, sports, fitness, drinking and eating. If it defines modern pop culture, we’re about it, and we’re looking to dive into all of it to find what’s worth your precious time and money. There’s a lot of stuff out there to cull through, and we’re panning for gold, letting the dirt fall away to find shiny nuggets of value.

    We’re a platform that’s built for people who are locked into work-week existence, desperate to break out and create something that can resonate with like-minded individuals. We have big plans, so don’t let the layer of new-construction dust fool you — your new home is here. You want to write for us? Sharpen those keyboard skills. You want to make video content? Charge that phone battery. You like to cook? Show us what your lab work looks like. You getting in shape? Tell us all about your regimen. We’re here for you, and you’re here for us.

    Better still, we don’t ask anyone to do anything for exposure. You can’t afford Taco Tuesday with exposure in your pockets, so we don’t play that. You get published here, we’re paying you, because that’s the real dream — to make money by truly expressing oneself. We are building a new religion, one that may seem heretical to the preexisting paradigm. That’s fine by us, because rebellion is healthy, true power lies in strength of numbers, and everyone’s got a valid opinion on something. Let’s make great things together.

    If you want to speak to us directly, hit us up in our Discord server.

    This is Basement Road Show. What’s good?

    – G

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