Irma is the reason why we’ve been silent for a week

Hurricane Irma image courtesy of NOAA (

Irma. It used to be that when I heard that name, I thought of short-order waitresses in greasy spoon truckstop diners, or at the very least, I thought of April’s best friend from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Now, I think of Hurricane Irma, a storm that scared the bejeebus out of a vast majority of everyone on the East Coast, and one that absolutely thwacked more than its fair share of islands below Florida.

We haven’t been publishing content for the past week for a very good reason, and that reason is that eighty-three percent of our current workforce resides in what was the direct projected path of this storm. The other seventeen percent is based in Houston, which still hasn’t fully recovered from Harvey’s flooding.

So, our entire staff was either trying to navigate Texan Venice, or running / fortifying against what was projected to have been a 185 mile-per-hour buzzsaw. Thankfully, flood waters have begun to subside, and Irma couldn’t keep its windspeed high enough to be the apocalyptic event most of us feared it would be.

For those places that got hit hardest, our love and support goes out to you, and we encourage all of our visitors to donate to recovery efforts wherever possible.

With that said, we are coming back online, and we are most definitely continuing our plans for subversive world conquest. We have movie reviews in the tank, some new game reviews, opinions on sports, podcasts, videos – you name it, it’s coming. We appreciate your patience with us, especially so soon in the lifespan of our pet project.

In the meantime, check out Antonio’s breakdown on why Street Fighter V is the best game for esports’ current wave, kick back and enjoy Tim’s review of a summer pale ale that’s worth your time, Christian giving you reasons to play a series you should have already been playing, and of course, our video guide to Gundam Versus, just in time for the American release on September 29th. Oh, and there’s also a playlist of all five parts on YouTube, for your viewing convenience.

We haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, we’re just getting started…once we get back home.



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