Basement Road Show’s video guide to Gundam Versus is live


Just in time for this weekend’s Open Beta on PlayStation 4, we’re coming correct with a five-part how-to video guide series for Gundam Versus. In case you’re unaware, I have written one or two things about the franchise in the past, and I have a deep and abiding love for the series, so that should translate into me being able to teach a Western audience how to play the game effectively.

Thanks to the combined efforts of myself and our resident video czar Danno Waddell, we have come up with our best attempt at introducing the game’s simple (yet incredibly nuanced) mechanics to players unfamiliar with the series. Since this is the first time a Versus / Extreme Versus entry has made it to Western home consoles — not counting Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Force on the PlayStation Vita, as that’s a handheld — I figured I’d do what I could to help grow a potential community by lowering the bar of entry, via education.

So, there’s plenty of topics covered, from basic movement to advanced metagame, all in easily-digestible portions that aim to educate without boring you to tears.

Above all else, the one thing I do have to make mention of is how amazing the music is, courtesy of Huntsville, Alabama’s own kings of giant monster alien invasion raygun surf rock, the incomparable and undefeated Daikaiju. Please, click that link and show them some love, because they have always been the coolest guys around, and their response to my request made my fanboy heart swell to near-lethal degrees. Buy their albums and become hooked on their sound like I am.

Beyond that, I hope you enjoy our video guide to Gundam Versus, and I hope you find time to leave a comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we’ll be pouring more fresh content into it on a regular basis.

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