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Basement Road Show Podcast — Episode 2: A Dick and Babs Fan

  We're back in the saddle again after being locked down by the corporate world's shackles — Episode Two of the Basement Road Show podcast...
Blade Runner 2049 Poster

Basement Road Show’s Spoiler-Free Blade Runner 2049 Review is live

With Blade Runner 2049, the story that introduced audiences to replicants and Voight-Kamppf tests finally gets a sequel. It has been over 35 years...
MoviePass App and Card

MoviePass Review: A Perfect Solution to Expensive Movie Prices

Going to the movies is expensive. Tickets can cost more than $10 and the snacks are even worse. MoviePass makes going to the movies...
Basement Road Show

Basement Road Show Podcast – Episode 1 – Manifesto

So...it's finally happened. Tim Smith and Grant Patterson have completed the first (?) episode of the Basement Road Show Podcast, and it's a doozy. In...
Dunkirk (2017) Poster

Dunkirk Review: Intensely real, but lacking in character

Dunkirk generates an intense wartime terror, but the jumbled story and undeveloped characters keep it from being completely successful. The film tells the story...

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