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GV Review

An unbiased Gundam Versus Review

I'll be honest with you right out of the gate: I was never a massive fan of the Gundam series. Sure, I had some...

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Review – The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

A handful of us here at Basement Road Show are fighting game junkies who crave for crispy links more than the actual delicacy itself....

Basement Road Show is going to CEOtaku 2017!

This weekend, Grant Patterson and Tim Smith are headed to Orlando, Florida, where they will bear witness to the largest conglomeration of weaponized weebdom...

AM2R didn’t deserve to die for Metroid: Samus Returns to live

Nintendo's Metroid: Samus Returns released this past weekend, and series fans couldn't wait to get their hands on it. It's easy to see why;...
Capcom Cup trophy

Street Fighter V: Best esports title of them all?

Last time, we talked about how — due to their inherent ease of understanding and relative lack of needed mechanical knowledge — fighting games...
Basement Road Show

Basement Road Show Podcast – Episode 1 – Manifesto

So...it's finally happened. Tim Smith and Grant Patterson have completed the first (?) episode of the Basement Road Show Podcast, and it's a doozy. In...

Why Fighting Games make the best esports

Competitive gaming is quickly becoming one of the most exciting markets out there today. Between the championships of games like League of Legends having...

Basement Road Show’s video guide to Gundam Versus is live

Just in time for this weekend's Open Beta on PlayStation 4, we're coming correct with a five-part how-to video guide series for Gundam Versus....

Suit up: Three reasons why you should be playing the Yakuza series

It's always nice when a major publishing house and a small development team join forces to give fans what they actually want. The cult...

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