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Black Panther – Thing In A Minute

Black Panther roared its way into theaters last week and is already knocking out box office records like a vibranium frisbee. It may very...
Thing In A Minute – Thor: Ragnarokvideo

Thor: Ragnarok – Thing In A Minute

Thor: Ragnarok was released on Digital HD today, so what better time to talk about this redemption for the God of Thunder's franchise? The Thor...

Spider-Man: Homecoming – The Scenic Route

Spider-Man’s cinematic history is a troubled one. On many occasions, the studio’s demands did not match the director’s vision. When the studio won those...

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Beginner Combo Guide

So, if you've been living under a rock lately, Dragon Ball FighterZ just came out and saying it's making an impact would be a...
Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party 101

The NFL season’s grand and dramatic conclusion takes place Sunday night in Minnesota and, if last year is any indication (112 Million Viewers), there...

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